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I'm Maan and I'm a

3rd year Management Engineer student at the University of Waterloo. I have experience/knowledge in fields such as Web Development, Mobile Development, IT Security & Project/Product Management. I can code in JavaScript, Python, Java, C# & Ruby using frameworks/ libraries such as Express, React, Django, Pandas, Mathplotlib, Numpy & more! I have taken courses such as Data Structures & Algorithms, Databases & Sofware Design, Linear Algebra, Intro to Machine Learning & Advanced Statistics. I have knowldge and experience with relational and non-relational databases using MySQL, PostgreSQL, & MongoDB.

I think I am very hard working and ambitious, but I think that working in a team is more powerful and fun! 😀

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As a student, I am always learning new things. I love to integrate a powerful backend with a cool frontend. I am very passionate about being a full-stack developer. My passion allows me to constantly learn new things and make big projects.

Feel free to check out my projects below!

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  1. 01 Java, C#, Python, Ruby
  2. 02JavaScript, Node.js
  3. 03Web Frameworks (Django, React, Express.js, Ruby on Rails)
  4. 04Relational & Non-Relational Databases (SQL, MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL)
  5. 05Data Structures and Algorithms
  6. 06HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Materialize, Bulma
  7. 07Pandas, Mathplotlib & Numpy
  8. 08Machine Learning/AI

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Maan Patel
Toronto, Canada
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